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An Inspiration Of Two Guitars

Poetic waltzes

to strings

of guitar duo

Melodic harmony

Classical pieces

European compositions

Chopin, Brahms

Spanish, Italian

Versatile, enthralling

music lovers.


Husband and wife

Classical guitarists


Accomplished, talented

thrilling, inspiring

delighting, exciting

evoking emotions

Concert recital

Moving enthusiasts

to applaud

Oui bravo!!

Dobra robota!!

Space Between People

Contemporary dance

body language

to mirror

human behaviour

contemplative communication

to share

thoughts, perspectives

across cultures

space between people

connecting people

voicing, expressing

dance and beyond …

A Postcard With Love

Where East meets West

An elegant home

The Grand Old Dame

A profusion of red and white Bougainvillea

and palm trees

by the terrace gardens

at the poolside

Sheer luxury

on this tropical isle.


Well known writers and poets

have stayed here

have been so inspired

by its beauty and history

Large and airy rooms

balconies overlooking

the vast ocean

Heritage by the sea.


The grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers

A popular venue

for functions and concerts

book launches

Dining outlets

fine and casual

or out on the patio

overlooking the seafront

Smooth jazz music

fine food at 1885

friends beckoning me

See you later …

Book Sandwich

A bookish delight

somewhat different

to the ordinary

bookshop or café

even a sandwich place.


A hive of activity

informal pleasantness

a great attraction

of this quaint

beautifully designed

art décor

heritage melting pot.


Antique furniture

bookshelves with

interesting biographies

and rare books

to browse

or just relax

and listen to

piano jazz music.


A trendy oasis

where people meet

to unwind

catch up

and chill out!

World Of Waltzes

Acclaimed orchestra

Renowned, versatile

musicians travelling

through countries

Exciting, melodious

Waltzes of Vienna

Performing, entertaining

enthusiastic audience

an eventful

end of year concert.


Maestro conducting

Accomplished artistes

Violins, cellos, harp

Wind instruments

Flutes, clarinets

Saxophones, trumpets

blending well

In harmony

Heralding in

the New Year.


The atmosphere


Families, friends

clapped, danced

hummed to

well known compositions


This cultural


people from

various continents

coming together

to celebrate

an enchanting evening.


We want more!!


Balloons, streamers


10, 9, 8, …

…, 3, 2, 1

Happy New Year!


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