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Clouds, Both Sides

Winds of change

Rain clouds



May flowers

Glistening dewdrops



This is to say

There is always



This moment in time

A rainbow of promise


Amazing Love

Love so amazing

See how it glows

That bright star

of hope and joy


Love is amazing

at break of dawn

O sweet music

of peace and joy


Wishing all friends


How He Loved Us

How He loved us

The sacrifice He made

His precious blood that cleansed us

from every sin and guilt

For He has paid the price

For He has paid the price.

Evergreen Conifer


An evergreen conifer

Decorated with tinsels, bells and stars

For the festive season of celebration.


The birth of Jesus

Saviour of the human race

Giving unconditional love, faith

Hope and joy.


May the meaning of Christmas

Ring loud and clear

Sound out the message of salvation

Peace and goodwill

Around the world.


Enjoy with loved ones and friends

This joyous occasion

Remembering the lonely

And less fortunate

Sharing and taking time

To bring some cheer to them.

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