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The Houseboat

An unforgettable experience


the Riverina region

adventures in fishing

scenic river trip

stopping by

walking tracks

to view

spectacular cataract falls.


A picnic lunch

by the falls, refreshing

then to the caves

the amazing formation

of stalactites and stalagmites

the glow worms

an impression of

all eyes on you!


Further on

in the bush

wild koalas


gum leaves

high up the eucalyptus trees

the kookaburra was there

in the limelight

the king of the bush!


Back to the houseboat

after an exciting

day of adventure


the setting sun


on the river

the silhouette


to capture.


Stars gazing into the night

tranquil silence

a light breeze

the gentle river


all is still


the night

of bright tomorrows …


To The Land …

Up, up and away

to the land of Oz

where the rainbow arches

across the canvas of the sky.


Skippy the kangaroo

hippity hop in the bush

koalas munching gum leaves

colourful feathered rosellas

flitting from stringybarks to ti-trees

eucalyptus varieties


Campers fishing

by the meandering river

tents pitched nearby

when day fades to nightfall

a campfire is built

friends merrily sing-along favourites

Love’s old sweet song.

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