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Somewhere A Soft Wind

Splendour in spring

The flowers

dance and sing


Somewhere a hill

covered in green and gold


Soft winds warm

this moment

of pure delight


Girl on a bicycle

riding slowly

to the Apple Rose bakery


I walk fast hopefully

Love’s Serenade

Beautiful dreamer

lover of life

come and enchant me

with sweet melody.


Songs of the summer

dreamy with love

beauty and splendour

pleasures of joy.


Seasons refreshing

awakening blooms

colours of flowers

perfume and hues.


Songs of the summer

dreamy with love

beauty and splendour

pleasures of joy.

Red Sails

A charming landscape

Flowers bloom

by the calm waters

Red sails at sunset

The lake of tranquility.

Spring Sweet Spring

This is that joyous morn

the fields with flowers

in every hue …

the beauty of spring!

Beyond the hills

the river runs

cool, cool waters.

Skylark sings flying

that spring morn

a sweet song

the fields breathe

spring sweet spring.

To Market, To Market

Fascinating, wet market

Fresh farm produce

vegetables, meats

poultry and seafood

Vendors there to please

Early morning

The atmosphere

bustling with shoppers

who enjoy a good choice

of fresh daily selections.


Another section

of the market

Fresh fruits

Colourful and inviting!

Around the corner

a space for

vibrant array of flowers

Cut flowers of

different varieties.


These markets

growing in popularity

Multi-ethnic groups

offering, enriching

catering for every palette and taste

Having guests for

dinner this weekend?

Hmm, I’m off to

market, to market!

A Time And Season

The cool crisp air

once upon a season

of autumn leaves

fluttering, falling

red and golden yellow

carpet of vivid colours.


Birds perched on

branches of

bare deciduous trees

twittering in

musical harmony

of nature’s song.


A walk in the garden

early morning silence

fresh scent of

roses beautiful

shrubs of flowers

where sensory beauty

smiles upon the season.

Lilac Splendour

Beautiful flowers

of splendour

colour vivid

and brilliant

conducive environment.


All is quiet


to praise

and give thanks

to Creator God.


The wonders

of His work

so perfect

in every detail

beyond compare.


In the garden

of Your creation

where love

is sown





in nature.


For Wendy


At Tesselaar’s Dandenongs

Of Holland and tulips

Colours unimaginable

The long stemmed beauty

Lovely and magnificent.

In rows and rows

Of colours mixed

White, red, violet

Showy flowers.

Fresh and crisp

Invigorating mountain air

Conducive environment

For the elegant tulip.

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