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It’s Resilience

Setbacks and failures

give us the opportunity

to learn to be resilient

to improve in the future

from these disappointments

Remind ourselves

we have a choice

to move on

A Field Of Dreams

Sunlight filtering

through leafy trees

handcrafted sculptures

the garden café

bustling with life

reminding us that

we are not solitary islands

we meet to catch up

so no matter how

lonely it may appear

you are not alone.


Write your words

or speak out loud

like on a stage

a field of dreams

where words are birds

set free from their cage

watch them fly

wings stretched wide

they glide through

the wind in a way

that is just different.

Way Of Thinking

Focus on the prize

at all times

The prize is

freedom from …

to overcome.

Born Free

Where birds are free

Wings stretched wide

They glide with the wind

Follow that dream.

Words To Liberate

  Doors of freedom

open new beginnings


inspiring and challenging



Freedom To


Choose to

focus on

positive thoughts.



Birds Of The Air


Chirpy, chirpy

Cheep, cheep,

Twittering and basking in the sun

These migratory creatures

Enjoying their freedom

As birds of the air.



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