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Until Daybreak

The wind blows

through the trees

Silver specks above


A red sky melts

over the horizon

Silence takes hold


Relentless water churns

splashing waves over

an empty shore


Miles of sand

Warm faces lit

around the campfire

A Personal Touch

Value and develop

a personal touch

Take time to be kind

Extend small personal gestures

It means a great deal

in an increasingly digitised world.

Let’s Get Together

Inspire, challenge

new chapter


waiting to unfold.

Being Amiable

Good relationship

like dialogue

a two-way process

Amiable qualities

strengthen friendship.


Words to voice

Inspiring and profound

Friendship across borders.

Precious Love

The warmth of Light

reflects the joy of hope

The warmth of Love

liberates the heart.


Mutual understanding

and trust

develop and maintain

a good rapport.

Bright Sparkling Star

The heart-warming kindness

of friendship

is like the precious gift of love

like the bright sparkling star

in the dark night.

The Joy Of Words

Words well chosen

Set hearts aglow

Put smiles on faces.

Heart Matters

 Relationships matter most

when hearts light up

and the bonding is special.

To The Land …

Up, up and away

to the land of Oz

where the rainbow arches

across the canvas of the sky.


Skippy the kangaroo

hippity hop in the bush

koalas munching gum leaves

colourful feathered rosellas

flitting from stringybarks to ti-trees

eucalyptus varieties


Campers fishing

by the meandering river

tents pitched nearby

when day fades to nightfall

a campfire is built

friends merrily sing-along favourites

Love’s old sweet song.

Listen With Empathy

Take time to listen

Show compassion and understanding

The hurting person

needs empathy.


A genuine interest

gives reassurance and hope

A sincerity in friendship

comforts the anxious mind.


God’s love and care

a sensitivity and a desire

to encourage and support

help towards the healing process.

Building A Rapport

With someone you care about

or work with

It involves

taking time

making time

spending time

getting to know the person


With time


mutual understanding


the confidence

and trust grow

in building

a good rapport.

Getting Along

Getting along

Giving and receiving

On the basis of understanding

What could be more rewarding?

In a friendship.

Friendship That Respects


Respect, an old fashioned word maybe

Not much used in modern terminology

Friendships based on superficial relationships

Miss out the quality

That might have been,

Given due respect.



No Longer Alone


No one need be lonely,

In the friendship of His Love,

True friends He’ll bring along your path,

Pointing you to a fulfilling relationship,

Make Him your priority.



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