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Ode To A Salad

Salad days are here again

leaves and summer fruits

of colours bright

dark green

light green leaves

crinkly and crisp.


Tossed in to mix

with bright red and yellow capsicums

some avocado, tomatoes

juicy cucumbers

drizzled light in olive oil

juice of an orange

cracked pepper

and some walnuts to add

to a refreshing crisp crunchy

appetiser for summer.


Fun Art


Fun Art

Latin Fingers

Trio string group

strumming, serenading

sentimental melodies

of love and beauty

from south of the border

popular Latin favourites

blending in

two guitars and a mandolin

vocals of

three amigos

entertaining diners

Casual beach bistro

Stunning sunset ambiance

Vibrant island in the sun

Holiday mood

Fun and laughter

It’s only just begun

That’s Amore!

To Flea Or Not To Flea

To market, flea market

in the country

such an exciting

place to be


Lots of bric-a-brac



you name it

they’ve got it!


People come

from far and wide

weekend market

with variety



Local and

home grown produce

home made cakes


and honey



children and adults alike


picking up

a bargain

here and there.


Interesting down under



with their instruments

adding to

the fun

for everyone!


Country Rose Garden


Children frolicking in the sun,

Everyone has a coloured balloon

The birthday party has just begun,

Excitement and fun fill the air

In a country rose garden.



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