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The Magic Of Autumn

The rustling leaves

of season’s colour

The rustic shades

of crimson and gold

When sunrise shone

in wondrous splendour

the wind rustled

to a thousand violins

awakening harmony

charm of autumn’s beauty

in gold and blue

that glorious morn

that magic of autumn.

Magical Harmony

A thousand mellow strings

of captivating violins play

melodious birds sing and dance

in beautiful harmony.

Pure Delight

One harmony

Heaven’s joy

Angelic voices.

Musica Acapella

Vocal concerto

Acapella singers

Artistic harmony.

Song Of Harmony

Bird’s song exhilarating

Musical chord

Song of tenderness

Harmony of joy.

Lend Them Your Ears!

Dolci Voci

choral group

singing melodies

from musicals

movie themes


romantic songs

so sweetly sung

blending well

in harmony.


Charity concert

packed hall

evening entertainment

audience participation



singing along

some songs.


Sweet voices

well known

mixed group


some solos


accomplished pianist

give of their talents


so generously

all for a good cause

splendid performance



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