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A Postcard With Love

Where East meets West

An elegant home

The Grand Old Dame

A profusion of red and white Bougainvillea

and palm trees

by the terrace gardens

at the poolside

Sheer luxury

on this tropical isle.


Well known writers and poets

have stayed here

have been so inspired

by its beauty and history

Large and airy rooms

balconies overlooking

the vast ocean

Heritage by the sea.


The grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers

A popular venue

for functions and concerts

book launches

Dining outlets

fine and casual

or out on the patio

overlooking the seafront

Smooth jazz music

fine food at 1885

friends beckoning me

See you later …

Under A Viennese Sky

The pulse beat

and the beat goes on

An evening

at the Market Square

A jazz trio

performing under

a starry Viennese sky

swinging an eclectic

rhythm of Bach’s compositions

in jazzy, melodic sway.


The musicians

struck a chord

enthusiastic crowd

the syncopated tune

echoes into the night

thriving with jazz

evoking the pulse beat

of the people

a dazzling cultural

festival of the arts

exciting, thrilling

inspiring night …


Acapella Quartet

How they blend

High and low notes

Beautiful voices

Jazz, pop to musicals


Making sweet melody.

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