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Sunrise Of Inspiration

Hope to persevere

Optimism gives strength

Innate Optimism?

A new environment

Fleeting or captivating

Capacity for dreams …

Unquenchable Optimism

The winds play

and dance for joy


a calm reflection.

A Season To Remember

Remember those days

when testings and endurance

worked out for the better

because patience won

and made the character

stronger for growth.


When difficult times

stretch the emotions

think on those days

of inspiration instilling

an appreciation of

optimistic resilience.


The season of healing

gives peace and hope

stirring hearts to

reflect and enjoy

the rhythm of harmony and love.

Thought Provoking

From each new experience

opportunity presents itself

to be grasped

and realised.

Learn To

Recognise difficult circumstances

with a vision

to overcome and

to be resilient.


Decision to make

Vital and challenging

Optimistic reasoning

A bigger picture.

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