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Space Between People

Contemporary dance

body language

to mirror

human behaviour

contemplative communication

to share

thoughts, perspectives

across cultures

space between people

connecting people

voicing, expressing

dance and beyond …

Chic Boutique

Cool linen

cotton voile

plain, patterned, floral

pretty fabrics

displayed with flair



bright, pastel

hand stitched clothes

Chic boutique


Feeling peckish

I wandered to

their cafe

delicious meals

delectable desserts

freshly brewed coffee


Cosy atmosphere

people in conversation

soft music playing





Complexity confounds,

Searching minds,

Observe simplicity,

Balanced with discernment,

Usher in wisdom.



Autumn Afternoon


Warm glowing fire-place,

Brewing hot tea,

Lots of finger food,

At this tea-party,

On a chilly autumn afternoon.



Hurting People


People in broken relationships,

Hurt and don’t know whom or where to turn to,

Trying to escape into a world of their own,

Or else resorting to wrongful ways,

Lord in Your mercy and compassion,

Draw them to You.



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