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Love So Divine

The golden harps

Angelic voices

One Holy night

The glorious Light

True Potential

Expanding focus

Beyond self

Embrace, contribute

Collective good.

Let’s Get Together

Inspire, challenge

new chapter


waiting to unfold.

Being Amiable

Good relationship

like dialogue

a two-way process

Amiable qualities

strengthen friendship.

Seeds Of Love

Where love is sown

Weeds of despair

Give way to

Buds of hope.

The Precious Gem

How precious are

God’s thoughts

how vast is the

sum of them

if it could

be counted

it would be

more than

the grains

of sand

God’s thoughts

are precious

like the precious


the precious gem.



O What Love


O that Love can never fail

O what Love so pure and true

O that Love brings hope and joy

O what Love is so divine.



Another Season

Another season in Your creation

Enters the autumn scene

Bright periods of sunshine

And cooler evenings

The warmth of Your love

Towards every living being.

Soliloquy Retold

The stage is set

in the courtyard

of a beautifully decorated

heritage home

mother-of-pearl furniture

antique ornaments

tiled marble flooring.


A charming young lady

from a wealthy family

attractively dressed

in traditional sarong kebaya*

Anxious eyes focussed

captive audience

sits herself

on the intricately

carved rosewood chair.


She explains

marriage was arranged

it wasn’t her choice

mixed feelings

emotional turmoil

cultural differences

testings and tauntings

but character

confident and respectful

learned fast

to relate well.


Intelligent, witty, creative

humble character

she soon won their hearts

many talents

culinary skills

musically gifted.


As she relates her story

audience was in awe.

A difficult relationship

it just takes

one determined person

to make a positive difference

all’s well that ends well.


Enthusiastic audience


clapped heartily

she smiles

takes a bow.


* translucent, embroidered blouse worn with a batik sarong

A Drifting World

Is life merely existing

in a world that is just drifting?

Coping with the pressures in living

gives little hope to the human being.

Trusting in the promises of God

His faithfulness and righteous ways

help through trials and difficult days.

Healing In Affliction

The vulnerable and marginalised of society,

Are dependent on appropriate help and treatment,

In Your love and compassion,

Lord, give comfort and healing in their affliction.

Building A Rapport

With someone you care about

or work with

It involves

taking time

making time

spending time

getting to know the person


With time


mutual understanding


the confidence

and trust grow

in building

a good rapport.

Help Along The Way


An encouraging word, a smiling face, a helping hand,

Brightens a would-be dreary day,

Teach us Lord at these times to reach out,

To help someone along the way.



No Longer Alone


No one need be lonely,

In the friendship of His Love,

True friends He’ll bring along your path,

Pointing you to a fulfilling relationship,

Make Him your priority.



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