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A Gentle Rhapsody

When the hills

kiss the setting sun

stars begin peeping one by one

a summer night

Smile, smile …

for a bright tomorrow …

Magic Of The Night

Streams of stars

scintillating silent skies at night

lyrics softly whisper

heart begins to dance

gentle strings from my guitar

love’s sweet rhapsody.

Rhythm Of Life

The foliage

of autumn’s

bronze and gold

raindrop showers

songbirds harmonise

the rhapsody of love.


Flowers glistening

in the rain

dancing, swaying

to the breeze

the world’s delight.


Crystal clear stream

flowing gently


sounds of nature’s


rhythm of life.

A Sweet Rhapsody

Musicians playing

melodious piece

blend of instruments

a lively rhapsody

irregular rhythm


evoking senses



foot tapping


reaches a crescendo

What a masterpiece, Maestro!

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