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Enchanting Lagoon

Jewel of dreamy lagoon

Pristine golden sands

to water’s edge

As the setting sun

disappears out of sight

A glowing red sunset

opens up a spectacular

vista over the horizon

Endless spectrum of colours

The dreamy lagoon


Magical strings

echoing serenades

Melodies to the rhythm

of gentle waves

under canopy of stars

The enchanting lagoon

An Unspoken Language


Beauty lies on an unknown beach

Rhythm and echo

A jetty from a distance

The depth of

a dreamy dawn

In your solitude

seeing silence speaking

A Christmas Fantaisie

Waltzing In The Moonlight

The crescent moon shines

over the rippling waters

softly the waves dance

a moonlight waltz.

Harmony At Dawn

Window with ocean view

I hear the sound of waves

lapping the shores

like the mellow timbre of violins

playing sweetly

before the rising sun.

Quiet Solitude

Soothing sounds

of gentle waves

the ebbing tide

a rickety pier

lone fishing boat

out at sea

a dreamy haven.

Dream That Dream

On distant shores

waves weaving sculptures

on shoreline

made of sea scented sand

Birds with wings stretched wide

they glide through the wind


Island in the sun

majestic palms

breath-taking hues

of pink and magenta

sunsets enchanting, alluring

inspiring beauty of life

wonders of miracles

to imagine … to dream.

By The Silvery Light

Blue Tango

Dancing waves

Moonlight serenade.

All Eyes On Them!

Smartly dressed

in black and white

Here they come

parading in

from the sea

Precisely at dusk

The fairies of

Phillip Island.


By the beach

Rhythm and music

The wild sea

Song of poetry.

Pleasures Of Imagination

I gaze at the dancing waves

and swaying palms

bliss of joy and pleasure

inspires the imagination.


Sand pristine

fine and golden

never ending beach

where the sparkling waves

twinkle in the sun.


Beside the cove

beneath the casuarina trees

whistling birds

the red hibiscus

flutter in the breeze.

Glistening Waters

Sapphire blue

calm sparkling


glistening in

sun’s rays

a moment’s




the warmth


nature’s beauty.

Panoramic Beauty

The rugged coastline

east of the island

unspoilt views of the ocean

rock formations

undulating green hills

huge shady trees

line winding road.


In the distance

lavender farm

bluish purplish

sweet smelling flowers

a sight to behold!


Road narrows

dry red soil

beach vegetation

both sides

leading to resort

fishing sports

water sports.


Spectacular sunset

dinner by the beach

crayfish bake

the crustacean

at its freshest and best

a unique experience

on the Apple Isle.

Scintillating Sky

Twinkling star

twinkling star


night sky

silvery light


reflection on

rippling waves.

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