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Here Comes Spring

April’s magical loveliest

spring into blooms

of rainbow colours

How beautiful

the season of


in harmony

with nature


and coming to life

Spring is in the air …

A Certain Tenderness


when flowers

speak and sing

I listen to

the gentle rain

In nature

one of those

leisurely moments

A bird sings


Now there’s nothing

but complete silence



That spark …

The rarity of that moment

like the day

you pick the flowers

in spring

and the air smells of lavender

a vision of your journey

as bright

as the sparkling stars

With these fleeting days

and through the passage of time

the season bursts

beauty of life



September Sings

You have found in dreams

love and beauty, fervent as

a fiery moon

amidst the lingering night

in love’s sweet song

the symphony

of every beautiful sonata

This moment in time

a twinkle in your eyes

as brilliant as the sparkling stars

heaven of diamonds

sweet dreams and charm

of tender night.

Love … The Miracle

Land full of sunshine and flowers

as bright and blue as the summer sky

All that matters is the love in you

and the love in me

The miracle of love.


A pair of eyes

a special person

Love knows no season

Beautiful, evoking

sensory experience

Magical season’s song

Love isn’t love

until we give it away.

When I Consider

When I consider

the wondrous miracles of nature

on the ever-changing scene

of this vast earth

the sky with moon and stars

that shine so brilliantly

refreshing showers of April

new growth of spring

holding all in perfection

but only momentarily

like a poet’s imaginary sight.

The skylark sings for joy

at the break of dawn

sweet hymns in praise

of season’s glorious splendour.

From Cinders To Beauty

‘Tis that time

a time and season

for regeneration and growth


abundance of beauty.

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