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A Taste Of Magic

The haloed moon

moonbeams shining

silence of the night

starry, starry sky

the music of gentle waves

echo a serenade lullaby.

Under A Viennese Sky

The pulse beat

and the beat goes on

An evening

at the Market Square

A jazz trio

performing under

a starry Viennese sky

swinging an eclectic

rhythm of Bach’s compositions

in jazzy, melodic sway.


The musicians

struck a chord

enthusiastic crowd

the syncopated tune

echoes into the night

thriving with jazz

evoking the pulse beat

of the people

a dazzling cultural

festival of the arts

exciting, thrilling

inspiring night …


Can You?


Count the stars

the numerous twinkling diamonds

in the expansive

starry night sky?

Or fathom

the depth and width

of the deepest ocean?


the highest mountain

beyond reach

of the expert mountaineer?

Imagine creation

in all its mastery

far above human understanding

and yet

the magnificence

of all these

displayed in every perfect detail

and beauty to behold

the incomparable Creator!



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