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Beyond The Blue Sky …

And the raindrops

tumble all around

Heaven opens so magically

There’s a rainbow somewhere

beyond the blue sky

There’s sunshine

and bluebirds singing

chiming in the breeze

Bluebells dancing

as the clouds drift away.

A Winter’s Rose

A cherished garden

of roses’ beauty

songbirds whispering

a joyous song

this winter morn.


Above those trees

birds get together

to chirp about the weather

the warm sunshine of love

my heart with pleasure fills.

Silver Lining

Soft beams of sunshine

through the silver lining

gently whispering hope

A comforting word.

Summer In The Gardens

In the gardens

surrounded by lakes

Treed setting

Spreading green lawns

A season of new growth.


Summer’s song of

twittering birds in

gatherings under blue skies

Splashes of vivid

coloured flowers

lavender hues

lingering scent

Wonders of ripeness

of the season.


The rock garden

hardy succulents

miniature shrubs

enjoying full sunshine

displaying amazing

splendour this summer.


One Winter Morning

On lofty mountains

Snow-packed and

covered in white

Dazzling under blue

skies one

winter morn.


The mountain air

Fresh, crisp, exhilarating

as if to lift

one’s joy


sing sweet music

of wonder and praise.


Look beyond the

clouds which

hide the shining sun

to the vista of


and celebrate

with a heart of delight.

Melody Of Spring

Season’s song

of April showers

flowers for the bees

warm days of beauty

colours and blooms

the robin red-breast

chirping merrily

garden of roses

hues of love.


Breath of spring

blow cool

and gentle breeze

smiling sunshine

days upon the earth

budding buds

of growth in season

sweet music

of dreams.




Heaven Sent

After the storm

the rainbow

comin’ around

promises of

lovin’ sunshine

smiling upon

the earth.


Whispers Of Hope

A burst of sunshine

through the silver lining

sparkling waters

shades of green

whispers of hope.

Love’s Symphony

Glorious sunshine

smiling upon

dancing waters

thrilling beauty

nature’s lyrics

Creation’s joy.

Ray Of Sunshine

The beauty of life

is that it brings

on seasons of opportunities

like the changing

colours of nature.

Glistening Waters

Sapphire blue

calm sparkling


glistening in

sun’s rays

a moment’s




the warmth


nature’s beauty.

Days Of Joy

Glorious sunshine

warm and inviting

exhilarating, exciting

days of fullness

spring of new life

bursts into

song of joy!

Another Season

Another season in Your creation

Enters the autumn scene

Bright periods of sunshine

And cooler evenings

The warmth of Your love

Towards every living being.

The Tree-Fern

Gentle autumn sun

Shining on the delicate tree-fern,

Each leaf in full array,

Showing forth its glorious display.



Seasons come and go,

Summer sunshine and colourful flowers,

Spring rains,

Autumn leaves of bronze and brown,

White winter snow

In the garden.



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