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Magic Sails

I watched the red sails

out on the ocean

in the warm glow

of the fading sun

soft ripples

glistening waters dance lightly

like ballerinas nimble

tiptoeing the ballet

Magic Flute

pirouetting, twirling

something dreamy

magical tranquility.

Boxed In …

They need space

family relationships

overpowering mother

subdued children

work, life

personal relationships

realistic needs

low self esteem

affecting behaviour

thinking, personality

personal development


misfits in society …

treat with care and love.

The Town Of Titipu

I’ve got a little list

A wandering minstrel I

The cherry blossoms bloom in spring

A comic opera

Savoy musical

A satire set

in a far faraway land.


An Auction

Treasured music box

Mesmerising tune

Magical moments

The Opera.

The Song Of Poetry

CoverBk1 2015-08-21d2

The Song Of Poetry

echoing in the wind

The Song Of Poetry

riding with the waves

A new day begins

The glorious rising sun

of inspiration to sing

The Song Of Poetry.


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