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Building A Rapport

With someone you care about

or work with

It involves

taking time

making time

spending time

getting to know the person


With time


mutual understanding


the confidence

and trust grow

in building

a good rapport.

Better Relationships

Respect for one another,

Helps in creating better understanding,

Encouragement and goodwill shown,

Will foster better relationships.

Getting Along

Getting along

Giving and receiving

On the basis of understanding

What could be more rewarding?

In a friendship.

Sensitive Caring

Those who are afflicted in the mind,

Need specialized and sensitive caring,

Given understanding and appropriate help,

Will help ease their pain of this kind.

All Redeeming Love

Mutual respect for one another,

Encourages good understanding,

God loves much more than that,

For His love is all redeeming.

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