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A Special Torte!

Smooth, luxuriously delectable

Rich and delicious

An excellent piece

of Sacher-Torte

Just perfect with

a hot black kaffee.


An enchanted evening

in charming Wien

The magnificent opera

Music to enthrall

at the historic

opulent Opera House.

World Of Waltzes

Acclaimed orchestra

Renowned, versatile

musicians travelling

through countries

Exciting, melodious

Waltzes of Vienna

Performing, entertaining

enthusiastic audience

an eventful

end of year concert.


Maestro conducting

Accomplished artistes

Violins, cellos, harp

Wind instruments

Flutes, clarinets

Saxophones, trumpets

blending well

In harmony

Heralding in

the New Year.


The atmosphere


Families, friends

clapped, danced

hummed to

well known compositions


This cultural


people from

various continents

coming together

to celebrate

an enchanting evening.


We want more!!


Balloons, streamers


10, 9, 8, …

…, 3, 2, 1

Happy New Year!


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