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Beauty In Subtlety

Under the bright moonlight

cascades reflecting off

the white snow

nocturnal magical


Dreamy …

Dawn in your solitude

Beauty so incredible

Let your beauty

linger on

Let your beauty

linger on

Wait …

for the sunrise


The falling snow

drifts by the window

A little bird

chirps winter’s song

A little bird

chirps winter’s song

Love’s sweet symphony

Morning has risen

Awakening The Charm


when rain begins to fall

pitter patter

pitter patter

 the wind

that stirs the trees

wind that sets

the blue gum leaves

swaying violins

playing winter’s song

the warmth of crackling wood

awakening the charm

of winter’s beauty



Seasons come and go,

Summer sunshine and colourful flowers,

Spring rains,

Autumn leaves of bronze and brown,

White winter snow

In the garden.



Snow-capped Mountains


The snow-capped mountains

In the distance,

The green valley below

With chalets ready for the winter season,

And warm log fires

To welcome the skiers.



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