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What If …

 The sun does not shine

and the moon has no glow?

Seasons do not change

Nature has no colour?

Time and tide remain

and stood still?


The wonders of nature

and miracles unfold

Mysteries of this life

Amazing works

of Mastery

Only the Creator

in His perfect wisdom


“all things bright and beautiful

all creatures great and small.”

Amazing Love

Perfect Love reflects

abundance of Beauty

Grace and Wisdom

of Creator God.

Complex Mind

 The mind is such a complex part of the body,

Who can truthfully understand?

Matters that arise can be so easily misconstrued,

In your love and wisdom

Lord our Creator

Help seeking minds make the right choice.




Complexity confounds,

Searching minds,

Observe simplicity,

Balanced with discernment,

Usher in wisdom.



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