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The Music Of Poetry

Speak now

there are words

to voice

they want to hear

They want to listen

never before

Like this art

There is poetry here


Lyrics a melody

violins play

the tune of love


begin to soothe

in a beautiful world

that you choose

There’s your story to tell

The Crescent Arc

Sweetgum trees

silhouette majestic sunset

Enchantment with artistic wonders

highlighted by the crescent

on nights like these

Across edge of twilight

where soft lavender hues

tell the tale of

the golden arc


The night is clear and cool

sliver of crescent moon

hangs bright in the sky

radiating a warm glow

reflecting beauty

illuminating this autumn night

The Alluring Rose

Soft winds and summer skies

the gentleness of the rain

was in the wind

The summer rose

sweeter than honey

O work of art

bliss of beauty and love.

A Magical Wonderland

Glass art and garden

artistic glass sculptures

blending art and nature

unique enchanting garden

exotic plants

a mosaic of colours

orchard environs

Harmony in nature

aesthetic art work

beauty and quality

exciting, creative perspective.

Musica Acapella

Vocal concerto

Acapella singers

Artistic harmony.


Fun Art


Fun Art

Making Waves

Watch the surfers

ride the waves

flow with momentum

glide along sea

skilfully with dexterity

Art of surfing

Challenge outweighs risk?


Music, Music, Music!

Beautiful, evoking


sensory experiences

warming feelings

lifting spirits

Hearts touched



soothing minds

Inspiring emotions

for the love

of the Art!

Vibrant Creativity

Striking sculptures, paintings, photography

publicly displayed

street art

in the city’s

cobblestone lanes

quirky alleys

expression of creativity


Crammed bookshops

rare, old books

art and craft


artefacts museum

quaint tea houses

interesting mix of ethnic groups

in this artists’ enclave

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”?

Creative Space

Heritage building houses

a space for art exhibits

black and white photography

still life

oil paintings

abstract art

a stage for actors

comedy shows

jazz, r & b

another space

poetry slams

contemporary dance

what else?

library for readers


there’s more


creative space


let your creative senses

connect with your imagination!

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