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Aria Of Dawn

The sun rising

with the first gleam

of morning rays

A thousand hues

Dazzling quilt

of colours

A majestic sunrise

The light of hope

Sunrise Of Inspiration

Hope to persevere

Optimism gives strength

In Sweetest Season

The sunrise wakes

the birds to sing

Let silence set

the world in tune

The buds of spring

sing songs of summer

and how the summer

glowed and shone

a sonnet full of love.

Mélodie To Remember

The pink sunrise

Early songbirds echo dawn’s praise

Creation’s sweetest mélodie of love.

Can You Imagine?

An arid desert

in the outback

with stunning

coloured wildflowers

Miraculous mountains

from the misty sea

sculpt the landscape

spectacular waterfalls

cascading waters of life.


How glorious

nature’s wonders

creation’s beauty

breathtaking …



I stand in awe …

The Splendour Of Dawn


The Splendour Of Dawn

Of Great Expectations

Early morning mist

soft as cotton wool

envelopes the mountain peak

rays of light

across the horizon

rising sun

sparkling waves

gently glistening

ushering in a bright new day

of great expectations.

Morning Has Broken

Above the Blue Mountains

The rising sun appears

Morning has broken.

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