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Is There Any Room …

for sharing kindness

for showing compassion

for understanding another

in our lives today?

Listen With Empathy

Take time to listen

Show compassion and understanding

The hurting person

needs empathy.


A genuine interest

gives reassurance and hope

A sincerity in friendship

comforts the anxious mind.


God’s love and care

a sensitivity and a desire

to encourage and support

help towards the healing process.

Healing In Affliction

The vulnerable and marginalised of society,

Are dependent on appropriate help and treatment,

In Your love and compassion,

Lord, give comfort and healing in their affliction.

Hurting People


People in broken relationships,

Hurt and don’t know whom or where to turn to,

Trying to escape into a world of their own,

Or else resorting to wrongful ways,

Lord in Your mercy and compassion,

Draw them to You.



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