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An Unspoken Language


Beauty lies on an unknown beach

Rhythm and echo

A jetty from a distance

The depth of

a dreamy dawn

In your solitude

seeing silence speaking

Over Moonlight Bay

Moonbeams shining

Waves softly breaking

Music of the sea

Some enchanted evening.

Have You Ever …

stopped to listen

to the music

of the waves

when you walked

along the beach?

Waves of tranquillity

Wonders of nature

to the earth’s eye

Most beautiful …

to dream

to be inspired …

Isle Of Lullabies

Rhythm of blue waves

Lullabies of seashells

Sandy songs of love

And the music lingers on …

By The Silvery Light

Blue Tango

Dancing waves

Moonlight serenade.

All Eyes On Them!

Smartly dressed

in black and white

Here they come

parading in

from the sea

Precisely at dusk

The fairies of

Phillip Island.


By the beach

Rhythm and music

The wild sea

Song of poetry.

Pleasures Of Imagination

I gaze at the dancing waves

and swaying palms

bliss of joy and pleasure

inspires the imagination.


Sand pristine

fine and golden

never ending beach

where the sparkling waves

twinkle in the sun.


Beside the cove

beneath the casuarina trees

whistling birds

the red hibiscus

flutter in the breeze.

Latin Fingers

Trio string group

strumming, serenading

sentimental melodies

of love and beauty

from south of the border

popular Latin favourites

blending in

two guitars and a mandolin

vocals of

three amigos

entertaining diners

Casual beach bistro

Stunning sunset ambiance

Vibrant island in the sun

Holiday mood

Fun and laughter

It’s only just begun

That’s Amore!

Idyllic Island

Calm, shimmering

silvery waters


white fine sand

lush rainforest

unspoilt flora and fauna

colourful wild birds

bird watchers enjoy

many species

bird calls

wild flowers

delicate butterflies

flit freely

cool waterfalls.

Sandy Beach

Pearly sea shells



shapes and sizes

across the sandy beach.


Waves breaking

against the rocks

setting sun


over the horizon.


Spectacular sunset

glowing orange

slowly gives way


a moonlit night.

Beach Picnic


People picnicking on the beach,

Under the shady sea-almond tree,

Lots of fun and laughter,

Children splattering water on the sea shore,

Building sand castles

And collecting sea shells

In their colourful swimsuits.



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