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The Green Palms

Low lying white clouds

Across a brilliant blue sky,

A warm gentle breeze blowing,

The green palms swaying.

Morning Has Broken

Above the Blue Mountains

The rising sun appears

Morning has broken.

Acapella Quartet

How they blend

High and low notes

Beautiful voices

Jazz, pop to musicals


Making sweet melody.

The Heritage Home

The stately heritage home

With its ornate Victorian lacework,

And intricate cornices,

Beautifully preserved

Stands elegantly in a neatly manicured garden.

Getting Along

Getting along

Giving and receiving

On the basis of understanding

What could be more rewarding?

In a friendship.

Divine Peace

As you consider the many issues in life,

And perhaps agree that the world is full of strife,

Can peace on earth be brought about,

If fighting continues from within and without,

Only God’s peace that is given to our hearts,

Will teach us how to play our parts.

Casuarina Trees

Shades of blue across the ocean

Sunlight twinkling

On the ripples of the waves

Casuarina trees by the beach,

A coastal landscape.

Little Yellow Bird


The little yellow bird

Flitting from bush to bush

In the garden.



Distant Mountains


Pitter patter raindrops

Colours of the rainbow

Across the distant mountains

Majestic and inspiring.



Help Along The Way


An encouraging word, a smiling face, a helping hand,

Brightens a would-be dreary day,

Teach us Lord at these times to reach out,

To help someone along the way.



An Autumn Day


On an autumn day,

Leaves fallen in the park,

Bare trees will once again,

Bud in spring.



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