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Celebrating Hope

Their story in creative song and dance

abandoned, abused children

show their gratitude

for a myriad of mercies

of love and hope

to remind us

of courage and perseverance

and never to despair.


Their moving message

touched hearts

and stirred emotions

to reflect on the difference

we can all make

by showing love and giving hope

to these precious lives

because we have the capacity

to love, care, don’t we …

in some way?

Pure Delight

One harmony

Heaven’s joy

Angelic voices.

Can We Imagine …


in this world

where childhood hunger

is still prevalent


Country Rose Garden


Children frolicking in the sun,

Everyone has a coloured balloon

The birthday party has just begun,

Excitement and fun fill the air

In a country rose garden.



Bridging Cultures


Little children,

Little children,

Singing, clapping,

Merrily dancing,

Joining hands

and bridging cultures

Of the Asian and Caucasian races.



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