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Beyond The Horizon …

The mountain peak

Rainbow of colours

Promises beyond the horizon

His Steadfast Love

How lovely is Your Name

Your Name above all names

Your promises are ever true

To all who would believe

The steadfast Love of God.

Seeds Of Hope

Take these seeds

and seed the earth

Dream of trees

and of flowers

Sing of hope

and a glorious morning!


Where the sun

shines so bright

and the sweet nightingales

make melody

Songs of joy

and Creation’s beauty!


In the silence

of the evening

myriads of stars

light up

capture images of

glowing night sky

above and beyond

horizons of tomorrow’s

rainbow of promises!

What Is Most Beautiful

Song of spring

Nature’s symphony

Sunbeams soft

morning light

Summer roses

sweetly perfumed


Joy of love

That rainbow

of bright promises.

Heaven Sent

After the storm

the rainbow

comin’ around

promises of

lovin’ sunshine

smiling upon

the earth.


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