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To Be

A light in the darkness

Choose to look within

to awaken

It’s Resilience

Setbacks and failures

give us the opportunity

to learn to be resilient

to improve in the future

from these disappointments

Remind ourselves

we have a choice

to move on

Thinking Beyond The Box




Changing Perceptions

Moment by moment

Flashback in time

Will we think differently


Quiet Calm

Clear thinking

sound reasoning

before overreacting.

Make Way …

An evolving world

adapt and progress

make appropriate changes

opportunities abound

What Inspires …

A little imagination



A new way of doing

Or a new something to do

Be curious


Think differently

Be creative …

Sea Of Choices …

What gentle breeze

blows in the

morning song

the early bird

on dawn’s

calling of the day?


Calm, sparkling

wide sea of

choices is as

certain as the

ebb and flow

of tide


tomorrow of time.


Fresh hues of

sweet scented jasmine

pure and delicate

permeating beauty

and all of life’s

amazing wonders

this gem of a pearl.

The Importance Of …

Sound reasoning

gateway to

focused thinking.

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