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Southern Lights

The shore was kissed

by sea and mist

glowing allure across the sky

ethereally brilliant colours

The night is an open book

but the world beyond it

remains a mystery …

Stars Of Twilight

Colours of the cosmos

from the strings

of the stars

rhythm and celestial movements

glowing blue waves

sandy songs

lullabies of seashells

echoes of music.

The Desert Red

Encapsulating the magic

of the desert sky

as evening glows

a vibrant red

sunset at Ayers Rock

breathtaking landscape

changing colours of Uluru.

A Magical Wonderland

Glass art and garden

artistic glass sculptures

blending art and nature

unique enchanting garden

exotic plants

a mosaic of colours

orchard environs

Harmony in nature

aesthetic art work

beauty and quality

exciting, creative perspective.

Ode To A Salad

Salad days are here again

leaves and summer fruits

of colours bright

dark green

light green leaves

crinkly and crisp.


Tossed in to mix

with bright red and yellow capsicums

some avocado, tomatoes

juicy cucumbers

drizzled light in olive oil

juice of an orange

cracked pepper

and some walnuts to add

to a refreshing crisp crunchy

appetiser for summer.

Colours Of Spring

Dewdrops awaken

the buds of spring

Refreshing dew

like the songbird’s

melody of joy

The colours of spring

vibrant floral arrays

celebrating Creation’s beauty

of splendour in nature.

A Time And Season

The cool crisp air

once upon a season

of autumn leaves

fluttering, falling

red and golden yellow

carpet of vivid colours.


Birds perched on

branches of

bare deciduous trees

twittering in

musical harmony

of nature’s song.


A walk in the garden

early morning silence

fresh scent of

roses beautiful

shrubs of flowers

where sensory beauty

smiles upon the season.

Love’s Symphony

Glorious sunshine

smiling upon

dancing waters

thrilling beauty

nature’s lyrics

Creation’s joy.

Spice Delight

 Garden on a hilltop

spices, herbs and blooms

a splash of colour

fragrance permeating the air

cinnamon, mint

rosemary and thyme

ginger, basil

and all things spice

delicate butterflies

fluttering from plant to plant

country ambience

panoramic ocean view

and a cool, refreshing

mint mojito for you! 

Ray Of Sunshine

The beauty of life

is that it brings

on seasons of opportunities

like the changing

colours of nature.

Celebrate The Rose

Colours of the rose

vividly fresh


natural fragrance

sweet perfume

the beautiful rose

captivating the eye

silky textured


the bliss of love.

At Tesselaar’s Dandenongs

Of Holland and tulips

Colours unimaginable

The long stemmed beauty

Lovely and magnificent.

In rows and rows

Of colours mixed

White, red, violet

Showy flowers.

Fresh and crisp

Invigorating mountain air

Conducive environment

For the elegant tulip.

Distant Mountains


Pitter patter raindrops

Colours of the rainbow

Across the distant mountains

Majestic and inspiring.




Orchids of Malaysia

Many species of different colours,

Hardy plant in tropical weather

Make lovely floral arrangement

For every occasion.

The Red Hibiscus


The red hibiscus flower,

So delicate a bloom,

There are other varieties and colours,

Grown in tropical climate.



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