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Melody Of Love

Gentle rain

caress the leaves

Summer rose

sweetly perfumed

Birds merrily chirping

a song of tenderness.

Mélodie To Remember

The pink sunrise

Early songbirds echo dawn’s praise

Creation’s sweetest mélodie of love.


Love is like

a violin

as the strings

begin to play

sweetest melodies

of love

on a day

like today.


Love is like

a violin

for a thousand melodies

and the music

of your heart

and the music

of your heart

plays on.

Colours Of Spring

Dewdrops awaken

the buds of spring

Refreshing dew

like the songbird’s

melody of joy

The colours of spring

vibrant floral arrays

celebrating Creation’s beauty

of splendour in nature.

Nature’s Melody

Lush rainforest

Nature trail

Misty cool

Cascading falls

Majestic red flame

of the forest

Tropical birds perch

Chirping merrily

their songs

in nature’s music.

Beautiful Morning


The melody of birds chirping

as they flit from tree to tree

sunlight streaming through the rain

rainbow spans the sky

cool and invigorating fresh air.



Acapella Quartet

How they blend

High and low notes

Beautiful voices

Jazz, pop to musicals


Making sweet melody.

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