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Healing In Affliction

The vulnerable and marginalised of society,

Are dependent on appropriate help and treatment,

In Your love and compassion,

Lord, give comfort and healing in their affliction.

The Natural Mind

When the natural mind is overtaken by the power of darkness,

It is overwhelmed and loses its rational thinking,

But if you choose to seek the thoughts that are from above,

The Lord will fill it with all lovely things.

Fairness And Justice

There are questions asked in life,

About fairness and justice in human dealings,

Can anyone really give a satisfactory answer?

Lord, You are the Judge of every heart and mind.

Complex Mind

 The mind is such a complex part of the body,

Who can truthfully understand?

Matters that arise can be so easily misconstrued,

In your love and wisdom

Lord our Creator

Help seeking minds make the right choice.


Human Heart


The heart is so much a part of human relationships,

Do not neglect it for too long,

Feelings may be suppressed rather than expressed,

Many prefer to remain silent than to communicate,

Or choosing alternative ways,

Misleading and destructive,

The Lord alone can give complete healing,

His teachings are so assuring.



Help Along The Way


An encouraging word, a smiling face, a helping hand,

Brightens a would-be dreary day,

Teach us Lord at these times to reach out,

To help someone along the way.



From History

Tragic circumstances open the eyes of many,

From history we have also known of man’s folly,

What hope is there for the human race,

Can there be any escape from tragedy sometimes happening?

Think through and choose a new beginning,

With the Saviour of the human race,

Lord have mercy and grace.


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