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Is There Anyone?

Anyone to lead

and guide

in this environment

of uncertainty


analytical and research


The difference is

in making

a commitment

with integrity

and strong ethical



Life has been

deeply altered

in so many ways

The devastating

impact globally

Break the cycle …

This toxicity


Reflect …

There’s a dawning light

Tell Me About

Tell me

if you like

to help yourself

Discipline and motivate

Creative expression …

Freedom to redefine

Way Of Thinking

Focus on the prize

at all times

The prize is

freedom from …

to overcome.

A Quiet Heart

A quiet confidence

making a difference to

the well-being of others

liberates and builds.

Quiet Calm

Clear thinking

sound reasoning

before overreacting.

Can One Wonder?

at atrocities

of people

Remain silent

to injustice

Turn a blind eye

to bullying and racism

Maintain silence

Can we?

Learn To

Recognise difficult circumstances

with a vision

to overcome and

to be resilient.

What Happened …? The Tangled Web

Trust deceived

Disappointment mounts

Friendship betrayed

Belief disturbed

The plot thickens.


People are hurt

by disturbing events

But it is their belief

about these events

that traumatises.

Pride And Humility


leads to downfall


an unassuming attitude

strength of character.

Clear Thinking

Create space

Art of thinking

Prevent decision fatigue.

A Friend Indeed

A listening ear



The Importance Of …

Sound reasoning

gateway to

focused thinking.

Ethics And Morals

Professionalism, ethics


in the workforce


are much in question


be it in health


or legal sectors.


Reports on the


of professionals

who have abused

violated the rights of others

instead of

practising to

serve and

conduct themselves morally

and with integrity

to benefit society.


The most vulnerable people

and gullible children

are taken advantage


so will grow up




affecting their emotions

and behaviour.


How can we

as a society



Be sensitive to

their needs

changes in behaviour

take and make

time to listen

get appropriate




A global perspective

a concern!



Tact and skill

in handling

challenging tasks

diplomacy in

sensitive issues


prevent conflicts

build understanding.


In difficult situations


time and space


deeper disputes

help both groups

reach workable solutions.


Today’s world

fragile relationships

tragically many


crying out


resort to vice

life threatening ways

to escape pain





We can all make a difference!


Deeply Moving

A piece of music

a book

or a movie?

Realistically painful emotional hurts

of a sufferer

are deeply moving.

They linger

and linger on.

Ruminating thoughts

anxiety, stress

affect behaviour.

Everyone can

play a part

to help.

Be kind and sensitive


The person has been through

more than one can ever imagine.

‘Faith, Hope and Love

but above all

the greatest of these is Love’

Beyond The Pain

In the many circumstances in life

the traumatic past

causes some

to feel emotionally distraught

pain and dejection.


This traumatic stress

is real

they need

support, help

compassion, understanding

and encouragement.


Seek appropriate counsel

work through this trauma

dealing with painful emotions

in a positive way

helps toward recovery.


There is hope

make a positive choice

move on in life.

Listen With Empathy

Take time to listen

Show compassion and understanding

The hurting person

needs empathy.


A genuine interest

gives reassurance and hope

A sincerity in friendship

comforts the anxious mind.


God’s love and care

a sensitivity and a desire

to encourage and support

help towards the healing process.

Timely Comfort

Comforting words at the right time

show that we care,

As we reach out to

hurting people out there.


You’ve tried, experimented and felt disillusioned,

Somehow you have been let down,

Friend do not give up on yourself,

There is help on the way,

He will give you counsel today.

Sensitive Caring

Those who are afflicted in the mind,

Need specialized and sensitive caring,

Given understanding and appropriate help,

Will help ease their pain of this kind.

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