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Stunning Katherine

Trek, canoe, bike

misty waterfalls

cascading down

deep gorges

rugged mountain ranges

Spectacular views


Monsoon forest

native wildlife

flora and fauna

Thermal springs

refreshing dip



palette of colours

Camp around

sing along

Canopy of stars


Rainforest Canopy

Sunlight shimmered

across rippling waters

The towering redwood trees

by the mountain lake

Small but cosy cabins

Nature hikes

Picnic by the falls

or a swim

Picturesque views of

the Yarra Valley

Campsites nestled amongst

the rainforest reserve

Beautiful variety of wildlife

birds and trees, native flowers

It’s summer magic!

To The Land …

Up, up and away

to the land of Oz

where the rainbow arches

across the canvas of the sky.


Skippy the kangaroo

hippity hop in the bush

koalas munching gum leaves

colourful feathered rosellas

flitting from stringybarks to ti-trees

eucalyptus varieties


Campers fishing

by the meandering river

tents pitched nearby

when day fades to nightfall

a campfire is built

friends merrily sing-along favourites

Love’s old sweet song.

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