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O’ Night Divine

Heaven And Nature Sing

When stars are out

sparkling on a clear night sky

That wondrous star

so brightly shines

in the stillness of the night

I stand in awe

gazing at the dazzling Light

Sing of Grace and Hope

Songs of Peace and Love

This amazing night


Merry Christmas


A Very Happy New Year

Seeds At Dawn

How the first light

makes gold the day


Seeds at dawn

great with bright thoughts


Birdsongs flute from trees

It is peaceful

Emerald valleys and

jade rainforests


Visions of these

to discover

Seasons of opportunities …

That Night Divine

That Night Divine

O’ Night Divine

Star of Hope

guiding with Your Grace

touching hearts

candle gleaming

in the silence of the night

Peace and Joy

Love so Divine.


Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays

Love Is Born

Love is born today

Hope is here to stay

Love and joy abound

Share love all around.

And Because

There is Hope

Make a choice

Be an overcomer.

Let Him Love

His love extends to everyone

Hope, peace and joy

Love that endures.


O come to Him

and let Him love

let Him love

let Him love

love you now.


His hope extends to everyone

Peace, joy and love

Hope that endures.


O come to Him

and let Him love

let Him love

let Him love

love you now.


His peace extends to everyone

Joy, love and hope

Peace that endures.


O come to Him

and let Him love

let Him love

let Him love

love you now.


His joy extends to everyone

Love, hope and peace

Joy that endures.


O come to Him

and let Him love

let Him love

let Him love

love you now.

Magic Of The Night

Streams of stars

scintillating silent skies at night

lyrics softly whisper

heart begins to dance

gentle strings from my guitar

love’s sweet rhapsody.

A Star Shines


A Star Shines

A Season To Remember

Remember those days

when testings and endurance

worked out for the better

because patience won

and made the character

stronger for growth.


When difficult times

stretch the emotions

think on those days

of inspiration instilling

an appreciation of

optimistic resilience.


The season of healing

gives peace and hope

stirring hearts to

reflect and enjoy

the rhythm of harmony and love.

A Psalm Of Inspiration

Like the deer

longs for the cool

waters of the stream

Crystal clear waters

flow abundantly

 and does quench

to satisfy the thirst.


And the longing soul

dreams of love and peace

so the heart within

knows the joy destined

from knowing the Creator

God of hope and peace.

(Based on Psalm 42)

A Christmas Cantata

Singers, dancers



unique open air stage

on the beach

perform musical

in contemporary

dance and song.


This short cantata

moving story

of the plight

of a youth

in search of

his own identity

strict upbringing

lost in modern society.


The music and dance

conveying a message

of hope, peace and joy

The story unfolds

he meets three friends

one gave him hope

another led him to peace

and the third shared joy with him.


The evening under the stars

silhouettes at sunset

waves breaking



a special performance to remember

a friend in need

is a friend indeed


Joy to the world!


Sound And Sure

The peace of God that surpasses all understanding

will comfort your heart to keep on believing

His Living Word so sound and sure

will help you trust in His perfect working.

The Natural Mind

When the natural mind is overtaken by the power of darkness,

It is overwhelmed and loses its rational thinking,

But if you choose to seek the thoughts that are from above,

The Lord will fill it with all lovely things.

Evergreen Conifer


An evergreen conifer

Decorated with tinsels, bells and stars

For the festive season of celebration.


The birth of Jesus

Saviour of the human race

Giving unconditional love, faith

Hope and joy.


May the meaning of Christmas

Ring loud and clear

Sound out the message of salvation

Peace and goodwill

Around the world.


Enjoy with loved ones and friends

This joyous occasion

Remembering the lonely

And less fortunate

Sharing and taking time

To bring some cheer to them.

Love, Joy, Peace

Love joy and peace,

Are God’s gifts

For all to share,

With a hurting world in despair.


Divine Peace

As you consider the many issues in life,

And perhaps agree that the world is full of strife,

Can peace on earth be brought about,

If fighting continues from within and without,

Only God’s peace that is given to our hearts,

Will teach us how to play our parts.


You’ve tried, experimented and felt disillusioned,

Somehow you have been let down,

Friend do not give up on yourself,

There is help on the way,

He will give you counsel today.

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