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Nature’s Beauty – Cascading Waterfall – An Autumn Day

Poetry reading with guitar montage

Dedicated to Michelle


 Nature’s Beauty

A blue azure sky

The flaming red sunset

Nature’s beauty in colour.


Cascading Waterfall

The cascading waterfall

In the surroundings of the lush green forest

Cools the air.


An Autumn Day

On an autumn day,

Leaves fallen in the park,

Bare trees will once again,

Bud in spring.

Idyllic Island

Calm, shimmering

silvery waters


white fine sand

lush rainforest

unspoilt flora and fauna

colourful wild birds

bird watchers enjoy

many species

bird calls

wild flowers

delicate butterflies

flit freely

cool waterfalls.

The Green Palms

Low lying white clouds

Across a brilliant blue sky,

A warm gentle breeze blowing,

The green palms swaying.

The Tree-Fern

Gentle autumn sun

Shining on the delicate tree-fern,

Each leaf in full array,

Showing forth its glorious display.

Morning Has Broken

Above the Blue Mountains

The rising sun appears

Morning has broken.

Joy Is In The Air

Beautiful morning

The pink sky lights the day,

Birds begin to twitter,

Joy is in the air.

At Tesselaar’s Dandenongs

Of Holland and tulips

Colours unimaginable

The long stemmed beauty

Lovely and magnificent.

In rows and rows

Of colours mixed

White, red, violet

Showy flowers.

Fresh and crisp

Invigorating mountain air

Conducive environment

For the elegant tulip.

Casuarina Trees

Shades of blue across the ocean

Sunlight twinkling

On the ripples of the waves

Casuarina trees by the beach,

A coastal landscape.

Little Yellow Bird


The little yellow bird

Flitting from bush to bush

In the garden.



Country Rose Garden


Children frolicking in the sun,

Everyone has a coloured balloon

The birthday party has just begun,

Excitement and fun fill the air

In a country rose garden.



Distant Mountains


Pitter patter raindrops

Colours of the rainbow

Across the distant mountains

Majestic and inspiring.



Clear Starry Night


Golden sunset,

Clear starry night

The sleek silvery crescent moon

Shines on and lights up the night.



Autumn Afternoon


Warm glowing fire-place,

Brewing hot tea,

Lots of finger food,

At this tea-party,

On a chilly autumn afternoon.



Birds Of The Air


Chirpy, chirpy

Cheep, cheep,

Twittering and basking in the sun

These migratory creatures

Enjoying their freedom

As birds of the air.




Orchids of Malaysia

Many species of different colours,

Hardy plant in tropical weather

Make lovely floral arrangement

For every occasion.

Out At Sea

After a heavy rainfall

The fishermen are out at sea

for their catch

At evening time,

the pink and mauve sunset,

Is a spectacular sight.

The Blackbird

The blackbird perched

on a bough of a leafy green tree

A peacock strutting across the road

Showing off its multi-coloured feathers.


Rolling Green Hills


The rolling green hills

In the country

Where cows graze and drink

From the cool clear waters of the stream

So serene.



Cascading Waterfall


The cascading waterfall

In the surroundings of the lush green forest

Cools the air.



Landscape Of Colour


Brown ducks and black swans

Gliding along the lake,

In the green botanic park,

A patch of yellow golden daffodils

And a rose bush garden nearby

A landscape of colour in nature.



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