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Music Within The Words

The music of life

it seems to me

a paradise where

roses bloom

beside a garden wall

when stars are bright

the nightingale sings

a melody of

love’s refrain

a song at twilight

a symphony of hues

the magic of poetry!

A Field Of Dreams

Sunlight filtering

through leafy trees

handcrafted sculptures

the garden café

bustling with life

reminding us that

we are not solitary islands

we meet to catch up

so no matter how

lonely it may appear

you are not alone.


Write your words

or speak out loud

like on a stage

a field of dreams

where words are birds

set free from their cage

watch them fly

wings stretched wide

they glide through

the wind in a way

that is just different.

Quiet Calm

Clear thinking

sound reasoning

before overreacting.

Cool T Words

Cool T Words



Fun Art


Fun Art

Within These Few Words

Words make an imprint

on conscience and heart

They can give hope

joy and release pain.

The Importance Of Words

Words chosen

to encourage

Like a breath of

invigorating fresh air.


Words to voice

Inspiring and profound

Friendship across borders.

The Joy Of Words

Words well chosen

Set hearts aglow

Put smiles on faces.

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