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Glistening In The Rain

Soft morning light

glistening refreshing dewdrops

spring’s seasonal showers

pink boronia gems

chandelier of flora.

A Magical Wonderland

Glass art and garden

artistic glass sculptures

blending art and nature

unique enchanting garden

exotic plants

a mosaic of colours

orchard environs

Harmony in nature

aesthetic art work

beauty and quality

exciting, creative perspective.

Majestic Hibiscus

Brilliant flaming red

tropical flower

of sun and rain

the bunga raya

national flower

of Malaysia

symbolising courage

life and growth

celebrating this

Independence Day.





At Tesselaar’s Dandenongs

Of Holland and tulips

Colours unimaginable

The long stemmed beauty

Lovely and magnificent.

In rows and rows

Of colours mixed

White, red, violet

Showy flowers.

Fresh and crisp

Invigorating mountain air

Conducive environment

For the elegant tulip.

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