Simply Poetry

A Poetic Allegro

Days of love

and splendour

Beauty to adore

dancing to the music

of Love’s allegro

Sweetly luring

sweetly calling


Warmth of sunshine

dew of heaven

sprinkling joy

in morning light

evening song

whispering hope

Love amazing

Joy divine


Fresh roses greeting

The first scent of spring

Ode to joy

Playing sweetly

Sweetly playing

Harmony’s allegro

Sing A Joyous Song

With music and the sound

of the trumpet

Make a joyful

song to the Lord

With music and the sound

of the harp

Make a joyful

melody to the King.


Sing forth

a joyous song

Sing praises

to the Lord

Rejoice and

make melody

Break forth

into joyous song.


(Based on Psalm 98: 4 – 6)

Is Beauty Skin Deep?

The halo effect

Clouds true characteristics

Look beyond face value.

Trust deceived

Disappointment mounts

Friendship betrayed

Belief disturbed

The plot thickens.


People are hurt

by disturbing events

But it is their belief

about these events

that traumatises.

Melody Of Spring

Season’s song

of April showers

flowers for the bees

warm days of beauty

colours and blooms

the robin red-breast

chirping merrily

garden of roses

hues of love.


Breath of spring

blow cool

and gentle breeze

smiling sunshine

days upon the earth

budding buds

of growth in season

sweet music

of dreams.




The Green Green Hills

Winding road

leading to

rich pastoral country town

called Peppermint.


The bustling crowd

at the market place

chattering and mingling

excitement fills the air.


An auction is

about to begin

the auctioneer calls

for attention

silence all at once

the sheep were brought in.


Market produce

locally grown

fresh succulent vegetables

a variety of fruits

people pick and choose.


Peppermint green hills

lush and tranquil country

quaint charming cottages

cobbled streets

tree lined avenues

reminiscent of yesteryear.

Pleasures Of Imagination

I gaze at the dancing waves

and swaying palms

bliss of joy and pleasure

inspires the imagination.


Sand pristine

fine and golden

never ending beach

where the sparkling waves

twinkle in the sun.


Beside the cove

beneath the casuarina trees

whistling birds

the red hibiscus

flutter in the breeze.

Let’s Get Together

Inspire, challenge

new chapter


waiting to unfold.

Rhythm Of Life

The foliage

of autumn’s

bronze and gold

raindrop showers

songbirds harmonise

the rhapsody of love.


Flowers glistening

in the rain

dancing, swaying

to the breeze

the world’s delight.


Crystal clear stream

flowing gently


sounds of nature’s


rhythm of life.

Being Amiable

Good relationship

like dialogue

a two-way process

Amiable qualities

strengthen friendship.

Celebratory Song

With music sweet

as a scented rose

and love’s

pure joy

like the fragrant



The music of praise

All music surpass

A song of praise

to celebrate

and rejoice

the splendour of Creation.


Amazing Love

Precious and true

Like the wide ocean

and the heavens above

The earth and

all its fullness

sing angelic praise.

Seeds Of Hope

Take these seeds

and seed the earth

Dream of trees

and of flowers

Sing of hope

and a glorious morning!


Where the sun

shines so bright

and the sweet nightingales

make melody

Songs of joy

and Creation’s beauty!


In the silence

of the evening

myriads of stars

light up

capture images of

glowing night sky

above and beyond

horizons of tomorrow’s

rainbow of promises!

The Importance Of Words

Words chosen

to encourage

Like a breath of

invigorating fresh air.


Words to voice

Inspiring and profound

Friendship across borders.

Beautiful Beyond Compare

Exquisitely beautiful

Uniquely precious

Treasured deeply

Way beyond compare.

Pride And Humility


leads to downfall


an unassuming attitude

strength of character.

Clear Thinking

Create space

Art of thinking

Prevent decision fatigue.

River Red Gum Country

Riverboat cruises


Meandering river

Sunlight streaming through pine trees

Eucalyptus gums

Koalas hugging trunks

Kangaroos hip-hoppiting

Joeys in the pouch

Colourful parakeets

perched on branches of ti-trees

Birdcalls echo through the forest

in bush country.

Take Time

Quality time

Undivided attention



Builds relationships.

Island Of Dreams

Sea gives rhythm

to the island

far, far away

Alluring and serene

waters blue and calm

the exotic paradise

The sapphire in the sun.

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