Simply Poetry

The Dew Of Spring

Refreshing rain, gently falling

Sprinkling lightly, spring potpourri

of budding flowers in the park.


Bubbling fountains splashed

with dancing waters rising high

Whistling birds gather around

twittering songs of spring.


The breeze in the spring air

A burst of golden sunshine

Willow trees bend over the lake

Elegant black swans and their little ones

gracefully gliding along.


Nature’s seasonal cycle

of new growth and life

sings forth songs of joy and beauty.


Precious Love

The warmth of Light

reflects the joy of hope

The warmth of Love

liberates the heart.


Mutual understanding

and trust

develop and maintain

a good rapport.

Birds At Dusk

Birds flying in formation

at evening time

dark clouds gathering

thunder rumbling

a rainbow arches across the sky.

An Inspiration Of Two Guitars

Poetic waltzes

to strings

of guitar duo

Melodic harmony

Classical pieces

European compositions

Chopin, Brahms

Spanish, Italian

Versatile, enthralling

music lovers.


Husband and wife

Classical guitarists


Accomplished, talented

thrilling, inspiring

delighting, exciting

evoking emotions

Concert recital

Moving enthusiasts

to applaud

Oui bravo!!

Dobra robota!!

A Meeting Of Minds

Working out priorities

to achieve goals.

A Story To Tell

On a hilltop

The grand mansion

many rooms

each meticulously

tastefully restored

A home once owned

by a wealthy family

now a heritage boutique hotel.


European garden setting

A bright courtyard

centre of the house

musical performances

solo piano

duet recitals

other ensembles.


A large treed garden

horse stables

artefact museum

back of the mansion

Local and international movies

stage productions.


The scene is set

The drama

An expatriate

falls in love

with a beautiful woman …

He met her at …

But …

The story unfolds …

poetic journey of imagination

begins …

What Is Most Beautiful

Song of spring

Nature’s symphony

Sunbeams soft

morning light

Summer roses

sweetly perfumed


Joy of love

That rainbow

of bright promises.

In Two Minds?

Choice to

turn around

revolving doors.

Heaven Of Diamonds

Across the blue ocean

The evening sun

Lights up the horizon

Heaven of diamonds

Sparkling in the night sky.

Seeds Of Love

Where love is sown

Weeds of despair

Give way to

Buds of hope.

Making Waves

Watch the surfers

ride the waves

flow with momentum

glide along sea

skilfully with dexterity

Art of surfing

Challenge outweighs risk?


Nature’s Melody

Lush rainforest

Nature trail

Misty cool

Cascading falls

Majestic red flame

of the forest

Tropical birds perch

Chirping merrily

their songs

in nature’s music.

A Friend Indeed

A listening ear



What If …



The sun does not shine

and the moon has no glow?

Seasons do not change

Nature has no colour?

Time and tide remain

and stood still?


The wonders of nature

and miracles unfold

Mysteries of this life

Amazing works

of Mastery

Only the Creator

in His perfect wisdom


“all things bright and beautiful

all creatures great and small.”



Heaven Sent

After the storm

the rainbow

comin’ around

promises of

lovin’ sunshine

smiling upon

the earth.


Open Mind

Creative imagination


untapped ideas

opens doors.

World Of Waltzes

Acclaimed orchestra

Renowned, versatile

musicians travelling

through countries

Exciting, melodious

Waltzes of Vienna

Performing, entertaining

enthusiastic audience

an eventful

end of year concert.


Maestro conducting

Accomplished artistes

Violins, cellos, harp

Wind instruments

Flutes, clarinets

Saxophones, trumpets

blending well

In harmony

Heralding in

the New Year.


The atmosphere


Families, friends

clapped, danced

hummed to

well known compositions


This cultural


people from

various continents

coming together

to celebrate

an enchanting evening.


We want more!!


Balloons, streamers


10, 9, 8, …

…, 3, 2, 1

Happy New Year!


What Is Admirable?



beauty of character




the heart





A Special Person



To be

that special person

to be loved

Love knows no season

Happy New Year

You are special!

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