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The Song Of Poetry

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The Song Of Poetry

echoing in the wind

The Song Of Poetry

riding with the waves

A new day begins

The glorious rising sun

of inspiration to sing

The Song Of Poetry.


Song Of Inspiration

The beauty of nature

Each changing season

A breath of inspiration.

The Joy Of Rosebuds!

Hope is the joy

like fresh dew

on rosebuds

in morning light.

His Steadfast Love

How lovely is Your Name

Your Name above all names

Your promises are ever true

To all who would believe

The steadfast Love of God.

Casa Del Mar

The elegant villa

Jewel of dreamy lagoon

Pristine golden sands

to water’s edge

As the setting sun

disappears out of sight

A glowing red sunset

opens up a spectacular

vista over the horizon

Endless spectrum of colours

The dreamy lagoon.


Magical strings

Spanish guitar

echoing serenades

Melodies to the rhythm

of the gentle waves

Diners by the beach

under the canopy of stars

The enchanting lagoon.

Birds splashed around

the bubbling fountain

chirping summer’s song

like a fragrant flower

in the warm wind.


Among the flowers

rain-awakened flowers

Fresh and joyous

like the sweetest song

Blue water lilies

floating in the pond.


The swan glides gracefully

a creature of extraordinary beauty

moving along the rippling waters

Splendour in summer.

Thought Provoking

From each new experience

opportunity presents itself

to be grasped

and realised.

The Desert Sky

Hues of pink and magenta

Contours of sand dunes

Mist envelopes softly

Into the silence of night

Stars like opal specks


Across the canvas of the sky

Glowing moon

floating into a landscape

of surreal possibilities.

Will You?

Choose to stand still

Behold the miracles

Breathe in the hues

The quiet waters

The lake of tranquility.

Pure Delight

One harmony

Heaven’s joy

Angelic voices.

To Market, To Market

Fascinating, wet market

Fresh farm produce

vegetables, meats

poultry and seafood

Vendors there to please

Early morning

The atmosphere

bustling with shoppers

who enjoy a good choice

of fresh daily selections.


Another section

of the market

Fresh fruits

Colourful and inviting!

Around the corner

a space for

vibrant array of flowers

Cut flowers of

different varieties.


These markets

growing in popularity

Multi-ethnic groups

offering, enriching

catering for every palette and taste

Having guests for

dinner this weekend?

Hmm, I’m off to

market, to market!

Can One Wonder?

at atrocities

of people

Remain silent

to injustice

Turn a blind eye

to bullying and racism

Maintain silence

Can we?

By The Silvery Light

Blue Tango

Dancing waves

Moonlight serenade.

Born Free

Where birds are free

Wings stretched wide

They glide with the wind

Follow that dream.

A Postcard From …

A trip on a funicular railway

to hilltop sites, hiking and exploring

Lunch at a colonial bungalow

Tastefully refurbished

with spacious balconies

Offering birds eye view

of hill country landscape


Round the island trip

on a hop on, hop off bus

Novel way of seeing interesting

Beach and city views

and cultural enclave

You hop on and hop off

at any stop to walk about

Take photos

or just enjoy a cuppa

at the tea-house

and watch the world go by …


Evening boat cruise

captures harbour lights

and the stunning sunset

As it lights up the evening sky

to a warm orange glow

Where sparkling stars

begin to twinkle

And the gentle breeze

adds to the day’s

experience and reflection

On this eclectic

Isle of palms.


All Eyes On Them!

Smartly dressed

in black and white

Here they come

parading in

from the sea

Precisely at dusk

The fairies of

Phillip Island.

What Inspires …

A little imagination



A new way of doing

Or a new something to do

Be curious


Think differently

Be creative …

Summer In The Gardens

In the gardens

surrounded by lakes

Treed setting

Spreading green lawns

A season of new growth.


Summer’s song of

twittering birds in

gatherings under blue skies

Splashes of vivid

coloured flowers

lavender hues

lingering scent

Wonders of ripeness

of the season.


The rock garden

hardy succulents

miniature shrubs

enjoying full sunshine

displaying amazing

splendour this summer.


Such Alluring Days

Sweeter than honey

Brighter than golden

Showers of sunshine

Days of summer roses

Fragrance and warmth.


Nature sounds

Songbirds’ chorus


Ode to joy

Music sweet as love.


Garden of pleasure

Adoring pink blossoms

Hearts of love

Precious as diamonds

Shining brilliantly

Illuminating the heavens above.

The Flautist

Magic flute

Echoing serenades

The joy of love.

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